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Homeland Security

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1) What did the 9-11 Commission recommend in terms of changes to the intelligence community (IC)?

2) If the crux of counter terrorism involves information sharing among all levels of government, do the reform recommendations of the 9-11 Commission enacted into law adequately address the structure of intelligence gathering?

Be sure to include a summary of those recommendations.
i need it to be 3 pages and to make sure the refrences date or information a 100% correct.

thank you

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The solution provides answers and advise on the list of question listed in the original problem (see above) on the topic of terrorism and the 9-11 Commission.

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Excellent topic. I know the 9-11 Commission Report fairly well. The issues you want addressed are covered in general from pages 407 to about 420.

Remember - I cannot do this project for you. That is not what Brain Mass is all about. This is not a term paper service. What I can do is guide your own construction of an answer that makes sense and is factually defensible. The report is available here in full:


Let me give you a few general recommendations that are listed and detailed on these pages:

The central, overall recommendation is for the creation of a single, overarching organization that deals with intelligence. This would be called something like the "National Counterintelligence Center." It would be led by a director, called the "National Counterintelligence Director" and under him there would be three deputies specializing in foreign intelligence, military related intelligence and domestic, "homeland" intelligence. The Director would be very close to the President, advising him constantly. This may or may not become a cabinet level position.

The problems that this is meant to address are fairly well known. They ...

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