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Work break down structure to create organization chart

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Using your work breakdown structure (WBS), list the key responsibilities of your project team associated with the major tasks you outlined. plus organizational chart using felicitous business .

Define the following:

Purpose of the roles
Responsibilities of the roles
Reporting relationship of the roles
Skills, qualifications, and experience required

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A work break down structure to create organization chart is examined.

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Figure 1: Marketing Research Team

Purpose of the roles
1. Organization
• To ensure that the research team is in the right direction and the project is finished on time.
2. Data gathering
• To ensure that sufficient, quality, and appropriate data are gathered.
2.1 secondary data
2.1.1 internal documents
2.1.2 external documents
2.1.3 published documents
2.2 primary data
2.2.1 instrumentation
2.2.2 sampling
2.2.3 survey
2.2.4 FGD
3. Data categorization
• To ensure that data collected are reflected in coding sheets and are appropriately assigned with codes/symbols and numerical values.
3.1 coding
3.2 scoring
4. Data analysis and interpretation
• To ensure that proper statistical formulas and financial ratios and indicators are utilized to give meanings to the data gathered.
4.1 descriptives
4.2 inferential
5. Report writing
• To ensure that a scholarly research report is completed on time.
5.1 Part 1
5.2 Part 2
5.3 Part 3
6. Encoding
6.1 To provide secretarial/clerical support to the whole team.

Responsibilities of the roles
1. Organization
• Research conceptualization
• Oversee the whole research ...

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