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Online Learning: Personalization, Pre-Training, and Segmenting

What is an online learning activities that effectively applies the principles of personalization, pre-training, or segmenting and an online learning activity that you think does not effectively apply the principles?

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I found a great web site from Scholastic.com that is designed for oral segmenting. In this activity (found in the link below), students listen to a narrator read a word. Then the students are given a choice of three words below the picture of the word. They must then choose the word that has the same middle sound. The example that I viewed provided a picture of a house, and the narrator clearly and slowly pronounced every syllable of the word. Then I was given three words to chose from that had the same middle sound: proud, hose, and shoot. Once I chose the correct word and dragged it to the chosen place on the interactive face board, I was giving high praise for a job well done.

This is a great example of segmentation because it broke down the information needed to complete the task in an understandable way, it allowed for learning to take place because it assisted the student in every phase of the task, it gave examples through spoken words and provided very colorful graphics, that combined, was able to retain ...

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The Solution identifies two online learning activities, focusing in oral segmenting, comparing their effectiveness at applying the principles of segmenting.