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    Segmentation and Pretraining in E-Learning

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    Provide an example and explanation about how segmentation and pretraining can enhance e-learning instruction.

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    To begin, segmentation is "that students are more likely to absorb information that has been broken down into component parts than they are to absorb large amounts of complex information." (http://ozolnieks.edublogs.org/2011/04/21/segmenting-and-pretraining-with-worked-examples-in-e-learning/) On the other hand, pretraining "introduces terms that will likely be new to the student. By applying this method, then, students find the whole easier to understand." The pretraining allows instructors to get the nuts and bolts of the course out of the ...

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    This 278 word solution discusses what pretraining and segmentation are and how they are used within e-learning to enhance the educational experience.