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E-business Market Segmentation Matrix

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250 words essay with examples is required. Outline the e-business market segmentation matrix based on its two underlying dimensions.

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The e-business segmentation matrix has two dimensions. One is the buyer/ recipient, the second is the supplier/ provider. For example, if there is a retail chain such as Wal-Mart online the buyer is the customer who buys from the online seller. The suppliers are the businesses and persons who supply the products that Wal-Mart sells. For each of the dimensions buyer/ recipient and supplier/ provider the entities are customers, business government. This gives us nine relationships. The e-business market segmentation is a matrix that categorizes the relationship between two or more business participants in a business market.

These relationships give rise to a 9 ...

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The two underlying dimensions of market segmentation matrix are explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.