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Personalization Principle & JIT Training

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How can I implement Personalization Principle in a JIT training/learning activity and I also need one example to illustrate how this principle could be applied in a JIT training/learning activity. Can someone help me with this.

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The personalization principle is an important technique in making lessons more effective. It would be excellent to add to a JIT training/learning activity. Basically, one wants to use a conversational style of instruction, using personal ...

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This solution discusses if the personalization principle can be used for JIT training/learning activity and gives an example of its use. 170 words.

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Please help, trying define two Practice Principle which are Provide Effective Feedback and Distribute and Mix Practice Among Learning Events by describe each, explain how the principles can impact learning when applied, describe the challenges associated with incorporating the principle into a JIT training activity, examine the risks associated with the failing to incorporate the principles and the describe at least one example for each that illustrate how practice can be applied to JIT training which including any technology associated with this application. Please help.

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