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    Software plan for company employees

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    Your organization has decided to invest in online learning. This may include computer-facilitated training and computer-based self-instruction. You have been asked to identify a pilot study to test the feasibility of incorporating more technology in training.

    Describe the topic(s) to be taught, who will participate, and an outline of the training. Also, identify the learning outcomes and how learning will be assessed. Finally, describe plans for formative evaluation.

    In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.

    you are a member of an organization
    investment in on line learning may include Computer based training and computer based self instruction
    Describe the topic (s) to be taught, participants and outline of training
    Identify learning outcomes
    Identify assessment method
    Describe the formative evaluation:

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    First, there is a considerable difference in establishing a pilot STUDY to assess the feasibility of an online learning initiative and a pilot PROGRAM to assess the acceptance and success of a particular software on the new online learning initiative.

    The first investigates the readiness of the people and the infrastructure (technology) to accept and support online learning. The second tests a particular software solution to the online learning presentation, once the decision has already been made to proceed with the online learning initiative, after the initial STUDY ascertains that there is a need for such, and that the people and technology is receptive and will support such an initiative. The two are not the same creature!

    However, from the parameters of the assignment, it is clear that your professor is assuming approval for the initiative has been secured, and a pilot PROGRAM is to be put into place to see if it is the correct software solution for the ...

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    A description of one idea for implementation of a planned software program for company employee training. Discussion includes which employees will participate, what the program will cover, and how employees will be assessed. Model response included.