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Factors affecting children's language development

How is it that some children begin to speak at a prodigiously early age whereas others may not say their first words until toddlerhood? Is the answer biological? Social? Cultural? For this Discussion, you will explore factors affecting language acquisition and development.

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The factors that affect langauge development and acquisition in children are varied. The particulars of conversations between adults and children are a relevant factor affecting language development. Children become more linguisticallycompetent if parents and/or other adults encourage them to talk and reply to their comments with specific and contingent responses. For example if a child says "I saw a fire engine." an adult should be build on this comment by a response of something such as "Was it a long red fire engine?" Other ways to help children achieve this is through looking at picture books together, going on trips that provide ...

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This solution discusses the various factors that affect language development and acquisition in children.