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    Effective and Ineffective Assessment Practices

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    Effective Assessment Practices Paper and Presentation.
    I need to gather various assessment instructions (e.g., commercially produced unit tests, teacher-created tests, rubrics, portfolios, etc.) that I or a colleague have used in the classroom. I need to select three examples that I think represent both effective and ineffective assessment practices. I have to justify my analysis and offer suggestions in a 700-1050-word paper plus include a 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes.

    I need to use an APA format when citing references and include a variety of materials including three or more journal articles to substantiate my analysis.

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    Various measuring instruments exist for grading and are powerful tools faculty use to communicate with students, colleagues, and institutions, as well as external entities. The creator of these assessment instruments provided a chance to ...

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    Effective and ineffective assessment practices are analyzed. A PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes are provided.