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    Data gathering assessment tools

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    Compare and contrast these data gathering assessment tools and how each can be used in qualitative and quantitative educational research studies:

    Which ones are most effective and why? Is it easier to establish reliability and validity with certain instruments? Why? How do you train evaluators to use each instrument?

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    'Compare and contrast' questions usually require the student to give the similarities and the differences, not merely the differences, between two things. There are quite a few criteria in your question, so it is important to handle each of them in an organized way.

    1. Qualitative vs Quantitative.
    This comparison should be made on the basis of whether or not the assessment tool produces numerical data that can be analyzed statistically. If it does, the tool is suitable for use in quantitative studies. If not, it may be used for qualitative studies. Some tools may be used for both. I am not sure about the distinction your instructor is making between questionnaires and surveys, which are terms I generally use to refer to the same thing. This tool can be used with a quantitative study, a qualitative one, or both, depending on the questions the researcher asks. Questions such as 'How many hours per week do ...

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    This job analyzes data gathering assessment tools.