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Deming's Theory of Management

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Management would like to implement one of Deming's points each year. First, which of the points do you think is most important and why? Secondly, do you believe that this methodology would be effective? Why or why not?

What is the importance of managing systems and processes in achieving effective and efficient production and operations?
Explain the concepts of forecasting, system design, capacity planning, quality management and control, supply chain management, inventory management and scheduling, and project management and how they each relate to form an integrated view of production and operations.

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The expert examines Deming's theory of management. The importance of managing systems and processes in achieving effective and efficient production and operations.

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Basically, Deming's principles are all important guidelines for achieving quality. However, Deming advocated that the way to achieve product quality is to continuously improve the design of a product and the process used to manufacture it (Certo, 2000).

W. Edwards Deming is "originally trained as a statistician, taught statistical quality control in Japan, and recognized internationally as a primary contributor to Japanese quality improvement". He has 14 principles that were noted in an online source (http://www.qualityregister.co.uk/14principles.html) and also discussed by Certo (2000) as follows:
1. Constancy of purpose: Create constancy of purpose for continual improvement of products and service to society, allocating resources to provide for long range needs rather than only short term profitability, with a plan to become competitive, to stay in business, and to provide jobs.
2. Learn and adapt the new philosophy from the top management and all members of the organization.
3. Cease dependence on mass inspection: Eliminate the need for mass inspection as the way of life to achieve quality by building quality into the product in the first place. Require statistical evidence built in quality in both manufacturing and purchasing functions (http://www.qualityregister.co.uk/14principles.html).
4. End the practice of awarding business solely on the basis of price tag alone (Certo, 2000). Instead require meaningful measures of quality along with price.
5. Improve constantly and forever the system for production and service.
6. Institute training.
7. Train, adopt, and institute leadership aimed at helping people do a better job.
8. Drive out fear; create trust and climate for ...

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