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Should Role of Union Increase in the US?

Based upon your research into the field do you believe the role of unions in the U.S. should increase? What role should HRM personnel play in employee relations within Organizations? What role should government play?

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The role of unions in the U.S. should not increase. Unions lead to higher prices and less competitive situations for companies. They are bad for business, and for the American consumer. The right answer is for businesses to operate in a manner to get and keep employees. This includes treating employees fairly, paying competitive wages, and having safe workplaces. Unions benefit the unions as much as the employee, gaining political clout and membership, rather than sincerely considering the well being of the employee.

There was a point in the history of the US in ...

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This solution discusses if the role of unions should increase in the U.S., and what role HRM personnel and the government play in employee relations within organizations. It includes examples and links.