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change in American workforce

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Organized labor unions have seen a decline in membership over the last 20 years because of the loss of manufacturing jobs due to off shoring and a subsequent change in the American workforce in the United States.

Prepare a paper in which you describe both sides of the issue:

- From a union perspective, what steps can be taken to ensure that membership is maintained and those unions remain strong and healthy?

- From a company perspective, what steps can be taken to retain and/or grow its manufacturing facilities in the United States?

Cite at least three references in your paper.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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- From a union perspective, what steps can be taken to ensure that membership is maintained and those unions remain strong and healthy?

There are several steps that can be taken that will ensure that union membership is maintained and. First, the role of unions should be expanded. Unions should again be assigned the role of distributing unemployment insurance. Second, the unions should be allowed a more centralized bargaining in which unions enter into a collective bargaining agreement with the entire industry or in some cases even national level. This step is essential to not only maintain membership but to also increase the membership of the unions. Third, unions should organize at the workplace. If permission is not available, the unions should take steps to obtain permission. The reason for this is that carrying out organizing activities at the workplace help increase the membership of the union. It has been observed that if organizing activities are carried out at the work place good relationships are maintained with the employer (2). Fourth, the unions should strongly support left wing government and political parties. It has been observed that when left wing government is in power there is a greater growth of unions.

Fifth, the unions should identify, analyze and act against repressive employer strategies that reduce unionization. Sixth, the ...

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