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Organizing Large Amounts of Data

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Demonstrate how you would organize enormous amounts of data and select and use only that which is germane while eliminating that which is not.
You are to write a report regarding the presence of women and certain minorities in specific occupations in the United States. Discuss the trend from the data supplied at the Bureau of Labor Statistics Web site.

This is a comparative of gender, African American, White, and Hispanic/Latino workers in specific occupations from the years 2010 to 2011. Choose several different types of occupations. Choose some that are service/white collar oriented, and some that are manufacturing/blue collar oriented. Prepare tables and graphs to present the information that is important to your particular discussion.

Discuss these trends and what it means for the cultural diversification of the workforce in the particular occupational areas you have chosen. Use the appropriate computer tools to insert at least two different types of graphics of your own creation into your report. You may use pie charts, line graphs, bar graphs, and/or tables to graphically present your data.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 587 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 587 words with references.
// In the present report, employment status of women and other minorities on the basis of the data supplied by the Bureau of labor statistics will be analyzed. Two criteria-gender and minority group will be selected for the purpose of analyzing employment status and workforce composition. Data analysis exercise will be helpful in identifying the trends and implications of such trends on cultural diversification.//

United States (US) has experienced huge changes in the workforce composition in the recent years. Economy of US is experiencing various kinds of demographic changes, which plays a prominent role in reshaping the workforce. Workforce composition has also become critical issue for many national and international organizations. Bureau of Labor Statistics of US also publishes employment data regularly to understand the trends prevailing in the labor market.

// In this section, employment status of women will be discussed and presented. Employment status of women in various ...

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