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    Training Modules Analysis

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    Analyze three training modalities. Describe a scenario that would be most appropriate for each modality and why. Include in your discussion of each scenario:
    · Content
    · Timeframe
    · Type of organization
    One advantage and disadvantage of each training modality

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    Training Modalities

    In order to train and educate the employees about new technologies and competitive environment, training modalities are used by the organization. Three types of training modalities will be discussed in this paper are conference training, hands on method training and coordination training modality. These training modalities will be explained with the help of scenario by using the aspects of contents, timeframe and type of organization.
    Conference Training Modality
    This is a very effective and common training modality in which the participants discuss over an issue in a group of approx 15-20 members. It is formal training modality that is used by almost all kinds of organization. In this method, the leader develops knowledge and understanding by participating in the oral presentations. It also involves small group discussions and requires active ...

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    The expert describes a scenario that would be most appropriate for each modality. Training modules are analyzed in the solution.