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Designing and Implementing Training Solutions

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This solution describes what methods and tools should be used to develop practical and effective training programs. The answers provided specifically focus on developing practice cases for call centre workers who have to sell new products to customers. However, the principles discussed here are applicable to all training design situations. Ideas presented in this solution can be used to initiate any training design and implementation project. As a guideline the TCA model has been introduced.

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1. What methods would you use in designing practice cases? Explain your reasoning.

While designing any training solution it is advisable to use some instructional design model which takes you through all the necessary steps of proper training design. For this purpose the traditional model of ADDIE (Hannum 2005) can be followed, but the more recent approach is presented by Training Competency Architecture (TCA) developed by Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD) (TCA 2005).

According to TCA the following steps should be followed:

? Analyzing Performance/Training needs
? Designing training
? Facilitating
? Evaluating training
? Coaching the Application of training

Based on the above approach, we need to first carry out a performance analysis of call centre agents to determine their current product knowledge and tele-selling skills. Such an analysis will enable us to identify the performance gap and will help determine the training needs.

The practice cases should specifically focus on those areas which are identified in performance and needs analysis. For example, if we find out that call centre workers do not possess adequate product knowledge, then a case may be designed to develop this knowledge. On the other hand if training needs analysis reveals that workers have ...

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I need help getting started. Examples would be helpful. I need as much information as possible. Thank you for this assistance.

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