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goals of Computer based training

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What the advantages and disadvantages there are over traditional face-to-face (instructor-led) classroom training sessions. Also looking to address questions such as: What is the goal of implementing CBT technology? How can these goals and objectives be accomplished? What are some challenges when implementing this technology? Can also address what to look for in choosing one program over the other, etc.

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Discusses goals of computer based training.

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What is the goal of implementing CBT technology?

There are different goals of implementing CBT technology in today's organizations. For example, a multinational organization with offices located in different countries across the globe requires CBT technology to impart training to employees located across the globe in a cost effective and quick manner. Similarly, an organization may require CBT technology to allow employees to learn at their own pace without affecting their workload and schedules.

Overall, the main goal of CBT technology is to enhance the learning experience for employees and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of training sessions in the organization. CBT is gaining popularity among trainees and employees have become more receptive and comfortable with CBT sessions. Organizations are increasingly implementing CBT technology because employees find it more convenient, accessible and comfortable to take such self-paced sessions instead of the traditional sessions. Employees are less likely to skip such training and thus, they have become more receptive towards such sessions.

It is often seen in large organizations that multiple training sessions to cover all the employees lack consistency. Further, it becomes difficult to measure the impact of traditional training sessions as well as becomes ...

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