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Advantages/Disadvantages of Computer Based Training

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Looking for 7-8 pages on how CBT programs have impacted the training process, what the advantages and disadvantages there are over traditional face-to-face (instructor-led) classroom training sessions. Also looking to address questions such as: What is the goal of implementing CBT technology? How can these goals and objectives be accomplished? What are some challenges when implementing this technology? Can also address what to look for in choosing one program over the other, etc.

Additional details:
• 7-8 pages in length, double-spaced. This does not include references.
•APA style for the paper and references is required.
•Graphics may be used to illustrate points but should be used only when appropriate.

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Advantages/Disadvantages of Computer Based Training:

Computer based training has affected the training process in numerous ways. One of the major advantages of CBT is the flexibility provided to trainees to undertake the training process as per their own schedule, availability and convenience. Today's organizations are not worried about providing a rigid training schedule to trainees and do not have to modify the workload and schedules of employees to accommodate training sessions. Employees can indulge in learning at their own convenient schedule. Further, the self-paced learning allows employees to take the training sessions from anywhere, be it their home, office or other location.

Another major area of advantage of CBT is that it provides better control to trainees over their training or learning experience. The self-paced learning allows them to choose their own pace and sequence of training. Trainees are able to modify the pace, sequence and length of each training session as per their own comfort and needs. The better control over the learning experience enhances the overall learning experience. Each trainee has its own learning ability and learning curve and hence, CBT allows the trainee to match the ...

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Discusses advantages and disadvantages of computer based training.

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