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Computer Based Learning and Computer Based Training

Computer Based Learning and Computer Based Training are two learning technologies. Research them and share your findings. Discuss the pros and cons, and under what conditions you think that each technology would be most effective.

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Computer based learning involves platforms that we are familiar with as students. E-learning and other technologies that teach students via an online platform are examples of computer based learning. In the work environment, many employees have to listen to prerecorded video sessions and lectures as part of their hiring process. This is oftentimes a format used where employees learn about the company's history, the organizational structure, where the employee is briefed about policies and procedures, and also where benefits and compensation-related issues are discussed. The employee has to engage in minimal direct involvement with the technology used in the learning process, other than to click on certain buttons to move the video forward. Computer based learning involves any instance where we're using computer ...

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The solution discusses the pros and cons of computer based learning and computer based training, and describes under what conditions each would be most effective.