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Human Resources Management: Training and Development

Training Plans for Groups

As you develop the sales representative training plan, you are thinking ahead to the implementation phase.

* How will the culture of the organization impact the training and development process?
* What are the major challenges of implementing training and developing programs?
* Choose one of the challenges you identified and discuss how you would address this as the HRD specialist.

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Training is a planned effort to facilitate the learning of job related knowledge,skills and behavior by employees.
Culture is the ways of doing things by a group of people who share a common interest. Culture focuses on the beliefs within an organization and the ideals that, the organization strives for.

Culture is important to human resource because, it determines the effectiveness of various human resource practices. Training is a very important practice(program) under human resource, therefore it suffices to say that culture is a determinant of training.

For example, it is part of Starbucks' culture that, the most important factor in the business is the customer. The customer is therefore 'always right'. As part of their training program, ...

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This solution provides a detailed discussion of challenges to implementing a sales representative training program.