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    Employee Development Activities

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    Could you assist me with analyzing Employee Development Activities and explain why it would enhance the Human Resource Management? I need assistance with about 300 words. Here is a little abstract about employee development activities from text book.


    Jobs today are requiring employees to assume more challenging responsibilities. For example, the downsizing of managerial staff in many organizations has required that first-level supervisors possess conceptual and communication skills in addition to their technical and applied skills. Higher-level managers must develop skills that will enable them to scan the external environment and develop organizational strategies. Training and development are used by organizations to improve the skills of employees and enhance their capacity to cope with the constantly changing demands of the work environment. Agencies that wish to be viable must develop strategies to maximize their human resources. As the demands placed on public organizations keep changing, organizations must implement training and development activities to ensure that their staffs have the requisite KSAOCs to confront these new challenges. Training can be targeted o help employees learn new job-specific skills, improve their performance, or change their attitudes. Changes need to be anticipated; training and development needs should be identified, planned for, and budgeted. Developing a comprehensive long-range training program requires SHRM and the recognition that in today's knowledge econonmy, employees are the most valuable resource. If knowledge is the primary economic enabler, workforce skills are the real capital. Agencies wishing to be viable must develop strategies to maximize their human capabilities. Training and development must be integrated into the core HRM functions. The State of Delaware, Department of Technology and Information's Strategic Plan has as one of its goals to "become the employer of choice with a workforce that is empowered, capable, supportive and accountable." Its strategies include providing consistent opportunity for personal and professional growth, continuing to improve the Performance Management and Compensation Plans, improving communication at all levels of the organization, and deploying and improving the Employee Recognition Plan

    Delaware, Department of Technology and Information 2005-2007 Strategic Plan

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    Human resource management is an integral part of any successful organization. The organizational leaders of today must realize that the employees of an organization are the most vital resource within and are often the organization's greatest investment as they move forward. It is simply incorrect to view the staff of the organization as numbers and people that can simply be replaced at a moment's notice. Employees are an investment in the organization's future and must be treated as such for the organization to succeed.
    The question then becomes, what are some employee development activities that can be done to enhance human resource management? First thing an organization can do is focus on training. A good business leader must realize, people (employees) generally want to do well, and they want to be somebody at the workplace. As such, you must give them the tools to do well. Often times, organizations cheat employees by rushing them through the training process. Training must be thorough, useful, focused, and fun. Trainers must be teachers and they must be able to keep ...

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