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Employee Development Plans


You have just been hired as the "training department of one" for Got Cash Systems, Inc. Got Cash is a small company that is poised to grow quickly over the next six months. They have just patented a diesel fuel system that will greatly improve diesel fuel usage and operating mileage for fleet vehicles. Got Cash is forming partnerships with the two larger companies, and making sales and license renewal calls together.

Got Cash needs to hire at least 10 consultant/fleet installers, people who can work with the fleet vehicle fuel systems vendors and clients to determine needs, tailor the needs of the fleet, and train the clients on how to use the enhancements. In other words, Got Cash needs people with both technical and interpersonal skills. Got Cash's CEO, Jane Smith, has directed you to "hire the best people you can and train them to do what we need them to do."

In working with an external recruiter, you realize that it will be difficult to hire people with both excellent technical skills and interpersonal skills. Therefore, you decide to start from scratch - with the business strategy -and work your way through hiring and training from there.

Deliverable Length: 1250-2000 words

The new team of consultant/fleet installers has been hired, and part of their New Employee Orientation is to meet with you and review their employee development plans. The problem is, you don't have one!

Do some research on employee development plans. The plan should not only provide the employees with goals and development options, but also help you evaluate the effectiveness of the training plan you designed. Create an employee development plan template that will suit all of the new employees in the software development department.

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Source: http://www.alliancetac.com/?PAGE_ID=151

This website will provide you with a four step plan to allow your employees to achieve the maximum potential of the organization and the employees.

This is a very good website that I believe would be helpful for you.

The following are direct steps to create the plan:

"Type "Employee Career Development Plan" on the first page of the document. Write the employee's name on a ...

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