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Training and Development: Discuss Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

You have been asked to speak to your local training and development group on individual development plans (IDPs). Specifically, you are focusing on the following:

* how to create effective IDPs
* how to evaluate IDPs
* the importance of IDPs

Research this topic and back up your recommendations for creating and evaluating IDPs.

Write the full text of your speech as a Word document with citations in APA format.

* Use examples to demonstrate each area of your speech.
* Use a variety of resources and cite them correctly.
* You should feel comfortable using industry-specific language because you are presenting to other training professionals.

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Individual Development Plans

An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is development approach and tool used within departmental organizations designed and aimed at improving an individual's professional capabilities as well as a department's productivity. A two-way process, the IDP is useful in both execution and design in that while it maintains an employee's current level of job proficiency as a result of continued development and training activities, it also drives leadership development of supervisors in which they become more familiar with the future directions of the department's future. Through the encouragement a focused approach towards each employee's training and development needs, IDPs help managers in enhancing employees' jobs skills in making them more productive and effective (Jacobson, n.d.).

While there exists plenty of material on the preparation of IDPs, some organizations come up with such detailed guides that in itself, its actually ends up having the unintended effect of swaying people away from its actual preparation in any way. The creation ore development of an effective IDP thus begins with individuals asking themselves a ...

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The solution defines the term IDP and then goes on the take the reader through the steps of developing one, from goal-creation through to resource gathering and implementation before finally arriving at the evaluation step. 770 words with 3 references.