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Performance Management and Employee Services: Personnel Issues

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Personnel Issues

As a human resources manager, you realize that performance management must be considered even before a person becomes an employee of the organization. One of your goals is to reduce employee turnover through the revision of the personnel assessments used during the recruitment and hiring process.

The first opportunity to implement the new personnel assessments will be next month when you begin interviewing for three open positions in the training department.
address the following:

* Describe various types of personnel assessments.
* Explain which assessments you would use for the training position candidates and why these are the most appropriate.
* How would you monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the use of each assessment?
* How will you evaluate this data in relation to the overall performance of the organization?

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There are several types of assessments - from IQ, Physical, Psychological, Technical, Decision making, Conceptual, and others. As to what should be utilized is dependent on the functions expected of a person who will occupy a particular position. Hence, this report starts with the identification of the functions, then the determination of the appropriate assessment techniques and methods of evaluating performance at the later part.
Three (3) positions were studied in this report:
Basic Functions:
1. Prepares training programs
2. Plans training activities
3. Makes Training related decisions: schedules, venues, budget
4. Supervises training specialists and monitors their performance
5. Prepares summative training reports
6. Coordinates with department heads to determine training needs in terms of knowledge, skills, and behaviour
7. Reports to the human resources manager
1. Decision making skills assessment. This is important because the person who will be hired is expected to prepare training programs and plan for the corresponding training activities. There are important decisions to make such as training schedules, ...

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