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    The Memorial Hospital

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    The Memorial Hospital is a community-based hospital in an urban area plans to expand its patient care delivery model from focusing extensively on inpatient care to becoming a leader in ambulatory care. The mission of Memorial Healthcare is serving humanity by providing exceptional and cost-effective health care accessible to all. Furthermore, the vision is for Memorial Hospital to be a magnet-status health care provider, continually raising the standards of performance excellence and advancing the health status of the community. In doing so, Memorial Hospital acknowledges its values of compassionate service, ownership/pride, privacy, safety, accountability, teamwork, attitude, appearance, communication, and fun.

    Current state:

    300-bed hospital
    1,000 employees
    Limited ambulatory focus, which is primarily supported by free-standing independent physician practices
    Declining revenues from inpatient admissions
    Considering closing as many as 100 beds, as it transitions from an inpatient focused organization to an outpatient

    How will staffing, compensation, employee relations, training, and performance management need to be accounted for differently in the HR plan?

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    The process of human resource management revolves around four key elements- namely, acquisition, development, motivation, and maintenance of the human resources. It is necessary to perform these four functions within the given set of constraints, so as to efficiently achieve the organizational goals. For the purpose of establishment of the hospital as a leader in provision of ambulatory care, it is important to focus acutely on the aforementioned elements.//

    The Memorial Hospital plans to expand the patient care delivery model. It is notable that the hospital presently employs 1000 employees and does have 300 beds for inpatient admissions, which implies that the hospital employs nearly three personnel for each bed. Furthermore, the revenue generated by the hospital is rapidly declining as the number of inpatient admissions has undergone a significant reduction. The hospital further has a limited ambulatory focus, which incidentally, is supported by the freestanding independent physician practitioners. To be a leader in ambulatory service provision, the hospital must deviate attention from the inpatient admissions to the outpatients, for which purpose 100 ...

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