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    Considerations for Training Needs Analysis

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    I have chosen to write my paper about "Training Needs Analysis" and need help with starting this paper along with how I should break down the different sections related to this topic. Thanks for your help!!

    Paper should include:

    1. Introduction: The area of research should be described and the purpose of the research. That is, describe the topic area in terms of (1) its relationship to training and (2) what you want to be able to contribute to the training literature by writing this paper.

    2. Review of the literature: Organize the literature into logical streams of thought related to your topic area. Within each of these areas summarize what the literature has to say. Be sure to indicate in your discussion whether the information is based on empirical data or just the opinion of the author.

    3. Implications of the literature: Again, organize the implications of the literature in a manner that logically builds the case for your conclusions (which you will present in the next section). For each of your implications be sure to reference the literature related to that implication. Be sure to indicate whether the implication is one that has already been made in the literature or if this is one that is original to you. You should identify in this section important areas related to your topic that are missing from the literature.

    4. Conclusions: This is where you tie all the pieces together. Make sure your conclusions are organized in a logical order that states what you have concluded relative to the purpose of your paper. Be sure that these conclusions are justified. For example, conclusions based upon empirical fact have more weight than those based upon opinion. Opinions shared by many in the literature have more weight than those of only one author.

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    The solution provided below includes an introduction to the topic and its relevance to training needs analysis. I have included a discussion of one source as an example of what the assignment is asking for. You can use this format and discuss each piece of literature or reference separately. It may also be wise to compare and contrast different views or theories in the literature review.

    Training needs analysis is a process, so it is difficult to break down the various steps for the purpose of this paper. It might be better to look at the reasons for the analysis and what insights can be gained through it. This is discussed in the literature review by briefly summarizing arguments or concepts presented, as they relate to the training needs analysis.

    The implications section asks for you to discuss why the various theories or arguments presented are important as they related to training needs analysis.

    The conclusion should provide an overview of the theories and ideas presented.

    If you have not already done so, you may want to check out the ASTD site for many useful resources related to training. While some require membership, there are also many useful free articles you can use.

    Training Needs Analysis

    A Training Needs Analysis is a process involving several steps, which ...

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    The solution discusses the importance of Training Needs Analysis, as well as an overview of why it is conducted and factors that should be considered.