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    Questions Regarding Training and Development Textbook Noe R. A

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    1. In you own words summarize the process for learner anaylysis

    2. Explain why needs assesment is necessary, and who should participate in the process.

    3. You have just been assigned as your organization's training manager and must conduct a new assesment for the new project. Describe the method you would use.

    4. Discuss the methods used in the needs assessment, and provide examples.

    5. Explain how practice helps learning. Give examples of how this has helped you.

    6.Explain a lesson plan. Describe the different types of information found in a detailed lesson plan. In your discussion, include a design document and its usefulness.

    7. Describe the learning condition you think is most necessary for learning to occur. Use specific examples to support your answer.

    8. You have just been assigned a training event in your organization. Since the training event will consist of purely adults, explain the considerations you should take into account.

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    1. In your own words summarize the process for learner analysis
    Learner analysis is the process of understanding and knowing your learners. It is important to know how the learner actually absorbs the information. Finding out if the learners are visual or auditory will help with the approach of how to teach. In order to know this, interviews and testing with the learners is necessary and interviewing their managers and co-workers may be advantageous too.

    2. Explain why needs assessment is necessary, and who should participate in the process.
    A needs assessment is necessary when there are difficulties in understanding what is required in tasks or assignments. This could be in school or in the workplace. Some people learn visually where the information is processed if there are visible pictures or videos of what needs to be learned. Others learn auditorially where the information is processed if it is explained verbally. Still others learn both ways equally.
    The only way to really understand what part of the learning process is weak is by assessments which normally are provided through testing.
    From childhood at grade school level to college level and even in the workplace - ...

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    This discusses some basic info approx. 700 words on training and assessment.
    There are 8 questions that were answered about assessments and training employees in the workplace.
    This is not a paper on training. They are discussion questions with information discussing those aspects
    of training and the employee and how they learn.