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Training & Career Development

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1. List three benefits of distance learning programs. Explain how they are beneficial to the organizations allowing their employees to partake in them.

2. Compare the two types of training methods (INFORMATIONAL OR TRANSMITTAL AND EXPERIENTIAL).

3. What, other than ROI, is often used to determine the value of training? Now explain how it determines the value of training.

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The expert examines training and career development.

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1. List three benefits of distance learning programs. Explain how they are beneficial to the organizations allowing their employees to partake in them.

- Unconfined workspace: There are many benefits to distance learning (e-learning) programs. Learners are no longer confined to one workspace, as is the case in the traditional classroom setting. Technology transformed the way we learn. In essence technology brought the classroom to our homes or wherever we choose to receive instruction of any type. In organizations, distant learning can be used to sharpen the skills of the workforce cost effectively. The employer will benefit by not having to reimburse employees for gas mileage in the event the employee has to train at another facility. Employees on the other hand will benefit by preserving gas, reducing pollution, and not creating additional wear and tear on their vehicle. Distance learning is ultimately a win/win for employer and employee.

- Learners have more control during the learning process. The classroom lends itself to theoretical concepts with little to no application however e-learning enables students to be proactive in their studies. "In 1964, Victor Vroom published a theory of work motivation called expectancy theory. This theory describes the cognitive processes involved in deciding the best course of action for achieving our goals" (Blanchard and Thacker, 2007, p.12). Distance learning gives us the opportunity to not only achieve our goals but also contribute to the success of the e-learning training enterprise (Blanchard et al, 2007).

- Minimizes the communication barrier-learning materials are often available in a student's native tongue which enables organizations to reach more people. For example, Dr. Charles Stanley, a Pastor from In Touch Ministries distributed an electronic device named "the Messenger" preloaded with the King James Version of the Bible translated in many different dialects in foreign countries, which allows them to reach people who were otherwise unreachable.

Distance learning programs are beneficial to institutions as well as the learner. It gives management or facilitators an opportunity ...

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