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In-House Vs. Vendor Training Programs

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You are the training manager for your organization and must consider whether to create training in house or purchase training from a vendor. Describe the considerations you must take into account for both decisions.

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One of the main considerations is based upon the organization's needs. The main question that management needs to address is if a training program can be designed that adequately meets the needs of the organization. If the answer is no, or if the type and depth of training program needed would be too costly for the organization to implement, then the organization needs to seek an outside vendor. Many organizations that are smaller in size can develop a stellar in-house training program and have it fit their needs entirely. In larger organizations or in organizations where processes and other factors are intense or highly advanced ...

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This solution discusses designing in-house training programs versus purchasing training from a vendor. The main considerations are explained and additional resources are provided for further student expansion.

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