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Potential Costs of an IT project

provide one more item that could be a potential cost for an I.T. project. Software license fees are a potential cost. If a packaged software solution is being purchased, such as a human resources system, instead of developing it in house, there will be software licensing fees from the vendor. The initial software licensing costs will be paid during the course of the project. After this, on an annual basis software maintenance fees will be paid. The maintenance fees are much smaller than the initial licensing cost. The maintenance fees cover things for the vendor, like the vendor providing technical support for the product and providing upgrades. This way you are not paying for each upgrade. It is common to be contractually obligated to the maintenance fees when you license the software.

What other items can you think of that would be potential costs for an I.T. project?

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Security monitor. Some companies depend on software, however others use security labor to monitor for potential hacks and problems. ...

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