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Project management plan for building facilities department

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Business Project

Now I got a project to do, however I have no idea about how to start this project and what software I need to do for this, how to do the project plan ? And what should include and exclude in the project plan?could you please give me some ideas.? Thank you .

Project Description

The Estates Division 'operate' the University buildings by maintaining and servicing them, for example maintaining the plant and equipment, cleaning them ,securing them, powering them and allocating space to activities, staff and students. It is unclear what the full cost of operation is, if this was known and benchmarked it would be possible to identify inefficiencies and potential improvements.

Project Outcomes/Outputs

* A Report on the analysis of existing data that enables an operating cost model to be calculated.

* A benchmark cost, possibly by building type, to be developed.

* Recommendations and business case for potential improvements.

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I am going to start with some potential ideas and you can let me know what you need clarification on. If that project description is all you have, the research will be more intensive, but breaking down the project, it will seem less overwhelming.

First list all the known factors: the buildings (names, sizes, floors?), Staff needs, what jobs the staff perform, security needs and current security, utilities needs and current utilities, possible space needs. From this you can formulate a simple outline to work from. Under each, identify what is known, what needs to be known, and what it costs.
Building A
Hours used, hours available
Current security
Upgrades needed
Requirements of school
Types of staff required by department
Facilities management - staff requirements
Facilities maintenance
Facilities coordination
After establishing the known factors and potential needs, then you can assign a cost , either from a budget or from researching current costs by others within the same industry. This helps establish a budget and an a baseline idea of what is necessary. From this you can determine actual costs and where there are differences. With this information you can identify needs now, needs in the future with the previous outline information and look for inefficiencies and how ...

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How to start an outline for a project management for facilities division is given.

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