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    Kava Island Decision Making Process

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    Hi, I need some assistance with the following case study analysis. The case study which needs to be read is attached below, along with some other documents about what is required in this task. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Before establishing any organization in a new location; it is necessary to analyze the market situation along with the problems that might arise. In this context, I am providing description of the problems related to the establishment of a call center in Kava. So, Firstly I am giving the description of Kava Island.


    The business scenario - Decisions in paradise has various issues to be addressed. The paper deals with problems related to the establishment of call center in Kava. The various issues and problems related to the expansion plan are analyzed. Finally, analysis and evaluation of alternatives is performed and recommendations are provided.

    Kava Island:

    This case is related to Kava Island, situated in South Pacific. The company is considering having a strong presence in the region. But the present condition of the island is not promising. The Kava Island is suffering from various natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, floods, tidal waves and terrorism. About 50% of the total population on the island is under the age of 15. The main source of revenue for the government and local people is sugar, fishing, coffee, spices, petroleum, natural gas and low cost labor. The population of Kava has ethnic mix of African, Spanish, French and indigenous South pacific tribes. After the World War II, huge number of Americans settled into the country. There is disorder in the region because people do not speak the same language. Religions followed in the country are Buddhist, Islamic, Christian and main languages include French, English, Spanish and other indigenous languages (Business Scenario).


    The decision making process of the organization would be affected by the following issues:

    - High occurrence of natural disasters

    - Problems of petrol spills and terrorism

    - Under-developed resources

    - Weak infrastructural facilities for industrial development

    - Diverse languages are spoken and different religious culture.

    - Unemployment ...