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    Human Resources: Training

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    With increased competitive pressures on organizations, all departments, including HR, have to provide justification for their initiatives. This means that a return on investment needs to be presented with proposals for new training programs. HR needs to choose between training options, carefully selecting the best value.

    How can HR evaluate what training is needed and determine the best value?

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    Human Resource Departments under the importance in how training is detrimental to mission accomplishment for every organization. Regardless of new or sustainment training, learning objectives must be clearly identified by management to ensure that the training specialist establishes a sound training process model. Further, the training specialist or human resources department must take in account the financial aspect to implement this training. Below we'll define, discuss, and provide examples of cost-effectiveness evaluation, cost/benefit evaluation, cost saving analysis, and utility analysis for methods of evaluating the costs of training that determines the best value for the organization as determined by the Human Resource Department.

    The financial aspect of training depends on the level and type of training the organization is going to conduct. Furthermore, management must ...

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    How human resources evaluate the training needs and determines the best values are determined. The training options between HR are given.