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Managing Worker Safety and Health

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Case: Managing Worker Safety and Health

1. BACKGROUND: Provide some Background on the Case itself
2. ANALYSIS: What are the major points in this case? What are the issues or problems or issues you have identified?
3. SOLUTIONS: What are methods that would address the issues/problems (you need to support this with some research).
4. CONCLUSION...A general wrap-up of the Case and your summation of the case itself.

Cite at least 2 external resources.

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Solution Summary

Managing worker safety and health is examined. The major points in the case are provided.

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This is an article or case that gives a descriptive overview of an OSHA drafted publication that provides a great deal of detailed information on methodology that can be used to facilitate the management of worker safety and health at job sites. This case seeks to ascertain why OSHA failed to publish the drafted worker safety and health document, so that more individuals could be educated by the wealth of information that is provided within this document. This case is initially presented by an individual that underwent OSHA training in the past, and was impressed at the detailed knowledge and information that was presented during this training.

One of the major points of this case is the issue that the OSHA document that was used to train worker safety managers was not published and made ...

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