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Training to Prevent Turnover of Sales Representatives

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Imagine that your current training is weak and inconsistent, which resulted in high turnover of sales representatives. Using the information from below about my company, think about how would you mold your ideal salesperson with training and develop an effective training plan for new hires and current representatives. Some items that we may consider are:
- How would you set up training?
- Would it be classroom or Web-based?
- How long, and how consistent would the training be?

My training plan may should include, but may not limited to:
- Procedures, processes, and protocol.
- New hire training.
- Mentoring.
- Resource manuals.
- Product training (for example, provide a description of what it would consist of)

Company information:
The company is a manufacturer of refrigerated cases for the retail and grocery market. Here is some information that you need to know about the company:
- There is one corporate office and manufacturing plant based in Michigan, with a total of 100 total employees.
- There are regionally based locations, which currently cover six Midwestern states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio.
- Currently there is one sales manager (you) and 12 sales representatives.
- The sales representative territory is set up geographically with two representatives per state.
- Compensation is based on a salary of $25,000 per year, plus a yearly bonus.

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The solution discusses training to prevent turnover of sales representatives.

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Let us take the case of new hires first. The new hires will undergo an extensive orientation and training program. The orientation program will comprise of extensive information session to impart knowledge to trainees on the history and culture of the organization, working styles and practices, industry in which the firm operates as well as products/services offered by the organization. The training will prepare the new hires to transition into the new organization and role in a smooth manner.

The new hires will be put under a mentor who will guide the trainees to transition into their new roles and understand the dynamics of the organization and the sales department in an effective manner. The mentors will take the new hires on field visits and make them aware about the sales process, sales tactics and real life situations occurring during sales presentations. The mentors will act as their guide and friend and will help the new hires in adjusting effectively to the new organization.

The product training provided to new hires, as well as conducted for existing hires as well on time to time basis, will comprise of ...

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