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Sales Representatives and Employee Training & Development

The Director of Sales, Jorge Muñoz, has approached you to recommend training for new sales representatives.

In the form of an e-mail, identify the training objectives and the audience analysis that you will recommend to Mr. Muñoz.

To help you identify the type of work Sales Representatives perform, check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the US Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics (using the Resources in Course Materials). Perform your search by job title or by using an alphabetical search.

NOTE: In the e-mail you need to identify the training objectives (what they will know when they are finished) and your audience analysis. So, you first need to identify the KSAs (so identify your source with in text citations and a matching reference). summarize the KSAs.

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KSA for sales representatives:
Knowledge: The sales representatives must have some knowledge of the discipline of marketing and in particular sales. He should be familiar with the marketing strategy and tactics of your company. He should also be well versed in customer and personal service and should know the process of production and processing. He should have a good knowledge of English and should have a working knowledge of computers.
Skills: The sales ...

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This posting recommends training for new sales representatives. The solution discusses specific training issues with Mr. Jorge Muñoz. This solution is outlined in three steps: KSA's for sales representatives, training objectives, and audience analysis. This solution is 250 words.