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    Call Centers: Turnover And Absenteeism

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    Call centers have always been known for high turnover and absenteeism. List five keys issue and problems with outsourcing and call centers. What possible solutions or alternative should be addressed from a human resource perspective?

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    Outsourcing is way through which organizations contract their internal business process to third party organizations. In other words, contracting of one firm's business activity to another firm for some specific time is called outsourcing. It includes two type of contracting, foreign and domestic and sometimes includes offshoring which refers to the relocation of business functions to another country. In the beginning of 21st century, outsourcing and call centers taken huge place and increase the employment rate vastly. But, due to some issues call centers jobs has declined in the last four years by 500,000 in US (Kathawala,, Zhnag & Shao, 2005).

    Issues with Outsourcing and Call Centers
    The decline in the trend and jobs of call centers is the result of high turnover and absenteeism issues that occurred during the process. Following are five key issues that affect growth of this industry quite effectively:
    Low Wages: Call centers influence their employees to give their most of efforts to the job. Most of call centers prefers employees, who can work in night shifts. The payment of employees is not enough as the job needs huge efforts of employees. Employees felt dissatisfaction due to payment of low wages and this influence them to live the organization even in few months (Aksin, Armony & Mehrotra, 2007).

    High Stress of Work: Call centers need employees' active contribution to solve client's queries. Sometimes employees feel high work stress when there are so many calls arrived at ...

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