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    night shifts

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    In a paragraph or two, can you think of five companies that require people to work the night shifts, and explain how the company can deal with its staffing requirements, and what are some major issues in each that affect moral, productivity, and alertness.

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    Five companies that require night shifts are:

    1) Telecom companies such as AT*T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. that require customer service staff to work in night shifts

    2) Financial services companies such as credit card providers (Chase, Bank of America) that have customer service staff working in night shifts

    3) Forex trading firms/stock broking firms with international desks that trade throughout the night in different markets and require people to work in night shifts

    4) Hospitals/Health care providers that require healthcare ...

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    The expert examines the major issues affecting moral, productivity, and alertness in night shifts.