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Major Issues of Five Companies That Use Night Shifts

Scheduling people to work late, or "graveyard", shift is a problem in almost every 24-hour company. An article in the Wall Street Journal titled "Scheduling workers who fall asleep on the job is not easy" describes night-shift dilemmas at an oil refinery and a police department. Scheduling is also difficult for airline that fly long routes, such as El AL Airline's Popular 11-hour nonstop Tel Aviv to New York flight.

Select five companies that require night shifts and discuss how each can deal with its staffing requirements. What are the major issues in each that affect moral, productivity, alertness, and safety?

5 or less sentences required.

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Pinkerton Security (security guards), Hyatt Hotels (staff), American Airlines (ground crew), Walgreens Drugstore (pharmacist), and New York Fire Department (firefighters and EMTs).

Each profession having a graveyard shift requires added incentives to ensure employees are compensated for working what is considered the least desirable shift. Rotating shifts from swings (3-11) to mids (11-7), extended time off, and added pay are some ways to share the burden of the graveyard shift as well as ...

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This solution identifies five companies that require graveyard shifts and some generic strategies for dealing with staffing requirements in 244 words with three references.