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    HR: Three Key Elements to a Successful Training Program

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    As HR professionals, what would you conclude are three key elements to a successful organizational training program?

    Please be detail and list references.

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    Three key elements to a successful organizational training program, as a HR professional would be to determine the training and development needs, setting up a training and development program and maximizing learning after the training and development program (Jackson & Schuler, 2006).

    As a HR professional, determining the training and development needs would include four factors to assess: the organizational needs, the job needs, the employees' needs and the demographic needs (Jackson & Schuler, 2006). Training and development programs are developed in order to meet the needs of the four factors assess in an organization to be successful. The organizational needs assessment determines the short and long term strategy of the organization along with the strategic business objectives. The job needs assessment would determine ...

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    This solution provides a detailed outline and explanation of the three key elements to a successful organizational training program.