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    Training and Development Case Study

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    You are an I/O consultant hired by a large credit card call center. There have been many customer complaints regarding employees treating customers badly. There have also been complaints about extremely long wait times when calling in with simple questions regarding accounts. The organization has asked you to design a training program for the customer service representatives to address these problems.

    - Write a minimum paper in which you develop a training program for this client.

    - Include the type of analysis that you may need to conduct to develop the program, the major components of the program, and how you might evaluate the program's effectiveness.

    - Provide three to five peer-referenced sources to support your findings.

    - Format your paper according to APA standards.

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    The employees are the key factor that determines the effectiveness of the customer services in an organization. In the credit call center, the employees are treating in a bad manner with the customers that are causing an increase in the complaints from the customers. The increase in the customer complaints and dissatisfaction is affecting the customer services of the call center. It requires developing a training program for the customer service representative so that customer services could be enhanced.

    Type of Analysis

    In order to develop a training program, first it requires performing an analysis so that the effectiveness of the training program can be enhanced. The analysis would help to determine the need of training for the customer service representative. To develop the training program the behavior analysis would be performed with the work and training suitability analysis. This analysis would helps to analyze the business needs for the training. It would be effective to focus on main problem of the organization that requires training. The behavioral analysis is quite beneficial to determine the need of training and its consequences on the employees' effectiveness (Colombetti, Dorigo & Borghi, 1996).

    The work analysis with the context analysis would help to analyze the tasks that are being performed and the job requirements. It would also be effective to determine the skill level that is required to perform the task in an effective manner. At the same time the components of training program would also be linked with skill level required. The analysis also includes the training suitability analysis to determine that the training is suitable for desired solution ( Goad, 2010). This analysis would be quite effective to develop the training program. In this analysis the behavior of the employees would be analyzed that would be effective to understand the reasons for their behavior towards customers and customer complaints.

    Major Components of Training Program

    A training program includes several components that determine the success of the training program for the ...

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