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Counseling with Diverse populations

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-Discuss what you feel are the key ethical concerns related to this case.
-What are your concerns related to competency and training based on your knowledge of the ethical guidelines?
-As a counselor, what would you offer in terms of a resolution to these concerns?

The Case of Lelitha and Amador

Lalitha and Amador have been referred to you by the court system following a recent allegation of neglect and pending investigation of children services. They have two children aged 11 and 15. Last month, following a basketball game, these two children were observed walking home alone in the middle of the cold winter. They were picked up by the parents of another student at their school, who later reported the incident. The children were both fine, and explained to the other parent that they had to walk home from any event that lasted after school. Their home is approximately five miles from the school. The parents of the children are first generation to the United States and are not supportive of the social interactions available to children in school. They do not view what they did as being wrong and feel outraged that they have been mistreated. You are asked to meet with the family to determine if neglect has occurred and if the children are being abused. While unfamiliar with their culture, you see no need for additional training or supervision to be able to work with this family. After all, you have a license and know how to use it. You do not understand how any parent could behave in this manner and want to help the children right this wrong.

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Case study

Discuss the key ethical concerns with this case.

The American Psychological Association (APA, 2002) has set forth specific guidelines for counselors and/or therapists who provide services to culturally diverse populations. The key ethical concerns with this case include the counselor's competency, and whether the characteristics and behavior of the parents are being understood. Several social factors are presented in the literature to explain why some parents from different cultures train their children to be value conforming and obedient (to the point that disobedience is not an option). In other words, if the parents requested the children to walk home alone, the children are expected to be obedient, because rule violations will not be tolerated (Ember & Ember, 2009). Thus, relative to the case study, the therapist or psychologist should be concerned with what meaning this behavior has for the clients. In another culture, children walking home alone from school may be a part of a normal practice. Thus, a question arises as to whether the parents ...

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This solution examines a case study that address issues of couseling with clients from diverse backgrounds.

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