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    Pre-Departure Training/ International Assignments

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    Assume that you are a HR director for a small company that has begun to use international assignments. You are considering using an external consulting firm to provide pre-departure training for employees as you do not have the resources to provide this "in-house." What components will you need covered? How will you measure the effectiveness of the pre-departure training program provided by this external consultant?

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    Pre-Departure Training Program Needs for our Internationally Bound Employees

    Our company is beginning to use international assignments, however, the size of the company prevents us from developing an effective in-house pre-departure training program for our employees. As the HR director for a small company, I have developed a list of components that must be covered in order to create a long term, positive effect on our employees' ease of transition into their new assignment. It is crucial that we anticipate the employees' needs, concerns, questions, and are able to handle them professionally. We want to ensure the employees feel informed and empowered throughout their process of relocating internationally, able to cope with the difficulties of working and living overseas.

    It is important that our employees are adequately trained in the language of their new country. Although we understand English will be used in many cases, the consulting company must be prepared to train our employees in the host country's language as a life skill, separating out the training to encompass language for work, for socialization, personal safety, well-being and justice. Because our company deals with many technical aspects, being able to utilize locally accepted terms for different objects will be key. Situation focused training should be incorporated to ensure our employees feel comfortable with their skills.

    Cultural awareness is another factor that must be considered. We want to make sure employees understand the local norms and mores, from simple greetings to more complicated information such as personal management of banking, shopping, and education needs. Local customs and ...

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    This detailed solution discusses the components a company would need to be covered for pre-departure training if they were to hire an outside consulting firm. It would also discuss how to measure the firm's effectiveness. Examples are included.