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Employee Skill Inventories

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I need some help in answering these questions:
1. How does a organization conduct skill inventories?
2. What information is sought in gathering data to make the inventory meaningful to you and the organization?
3. How can the data be used?
4. If your organization does not currently use a skills inventory how could you incorporate it into your HRP process within your organization?

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1. Most skill inventories combine an observation approach with feedback. The skill inventory includes all capabilities and knowledge points that the employee possesses. The skill inventory can then be used in several ways, all of which are based upon improvements in weak or nonexistent areas and continued strength in the stronger areas. Observation and feedback are the main mechanisms in skill inventory development. Feedback is generated from the employee's supervisor, human resources, and others that have direct knowledge concerning the employee.

2. ...

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This solution discusses the advantages of using a skill inventory. The methods, processes, and analysis of skill data are also discussed. Additional resource(s) are provided for further student expansion.

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