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    Companies Operating in Foreign Countries

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    From a human resource standpoint, in which country do you think a U.S. corporation would face the biggest challenge in terms of opening up an overseas division? Consider cultural, legal, economic, and any other factors you think would be relevant in your choice of a country. Why would this country present the biggest human resource challenge? And how would you recommend the corporation overcome these challenges?

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    China would be a country that would face one of the biggest challenges when opening a foreign division. There are studies that show how difficult this venture is even though China is home to many foreign companies. Some of the struggle areas would include the mass amounts of paperwork required by the Chinese government, communication, human resources, culture and maintaining relationships.

    It's interesting that here in the U.S. opening a business is considered one of the easiest processes to do, however that is not true for China. Due to the lack of technology, many processes require manual intervention which leads to a ton of paperwork. "In China, many administrative and bureaucratic tasks that have been ...

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    This article explains some of the challenges a company faces when trying to operate in a foreign country. There are many aspects to consider that may have an impact on the timing and expectations of the company as they are making preparations to do business in a foreign country.