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    Human Resources/Leadership Discussed

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    1 Discuss the relation of "creating energy" in organizations to achieving results. Who or how is energy created for the leader?

    2. How does "creating energy" relate to the concepts presented by Lawler and the authors presented in ORGANIZATIONS OF THE FUTURE?

    3. What potential conflicts may arise for leaders in being authentic and establishing trust while creating energy?

    Guidance: Results Based Leadership by Dave Urlich and Jack Zenger

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    Answer 1
    In order to ensure the success of the company it is necessary for the management to boost and enhance the performance of the employees. Creating energy means, charging your employees with positive ions to achieve the pre-establish objectives of the organization (Ulrich, Zenger, Zenger & Smallwood, 1999). If the manager wants to do work with the employees, it motivates him by persuading them through monetary and non-monetary terms. It is an art to create energy in the workers so that they work with more zeal and enthusiasm to achieve the targets of the company (Cross & Parker, 2004).
    Leaders are the main sources that boost the morale of the employees and develop energy among all of them to work in an effective and positive manner (Achieving Sustained Growth, 2003). The energies workers are more capable to do the critical tasks. In order to created energy among the leader the management implements various training and development programs (Ulrich, Zenger, Zenger & Smallwood, 1999). In these programs the specialist and professionals in the field of human resource development guide the leader to understand their skills and small mistakes that they do in their daily routine.
    These kinds of program also assist the leader to influence the follower to achieve the results in favor of the organization (Cross & Parker, 2004). Thus, it can be said that developing positive ...

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    The solution discusses human resources and leadership. How creating energy relates to the concepts presented by Lawler and the authors is determined.