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    Performance Management of Human Resources

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    Select a Middle Eastern organization and review its vision, mission, and strategy. Then, examine its approach to its management and leadership of performance management in areas including, but not limited to, systems and processes, standards and measurement indices, and performance appraisals.

    Discuss the following:
    •The degree to which the strategy and performance management of human resources is aligned
    •our own insights and thoughts about enhancing the alignment

    All I need is 4 -5 pages, (Word Document)
    Be sure to use academic references and cite to support your analysis. (APA references). ( use many cite as you can to support your analysis, minimum 5 cites)

    Thats all Thanks.

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    //It has been identified that effective management of performance and leadership plays an important role in shaping the growth prospects of an organization. In this context, a discussion is conducted on the management approaches that are adopted by Aramco in order to excel in the leadership of performance management of its human resource. A brief discussion of overview and background of Aramco is undertaken in this section//.
    Saudi Aramco, established in Saudi Arabia in the year 1933, whose headquarter is in Dhahran, is a state-owned company engaged in the production of crude oil. It is a global petroleum organization and leads the world in marketing, distribution, refining, production, exploration, and manufacturing of petrochemicals. It ranks amongst the top producers and exporters of natural gas worldwide and manages the largest crude oil conventional reserve of the world (Our Story. 2016). The company has diversified its business across the globe through joint ventures and various subsidiaries. Currently, the company operates in the Unites States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Republic of Korea, the Netherlands, Japan, Egypt, and China. Saudi Aramco is a leading organization with a diversified human resource of more than 55,000 people (Our Story. 2016). At present, it is the leading company in the natural oil gas production, and by 2020, it aims to become a leading organization in chemical and energy sector across the globe.
    The vision statement of Aramco is "We believe energy is opportunity." Saudi Aramco's vision focuses on the reliable supply of energy for the current, as well as future generations. The company focuses on making a contribution to the economy of the country and developing the human potential and their wellness. They believe that this is the core of their business (Our Vision. 2016).
    The mission statement of Aramco focuses on the commercialization of its operations and generating profitability opportunities for the organization so as to provide benefits to the local people and economy, along with the organization (Aramco's mission. 2009).
    The strategy of Aramco is to shape the future of the society. Its strategy focuses on five ...

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    The expert discusses the degree to which the strategy and performance management of human resources is aligned is determined. How to enhance the alignment is determined. The response addressed the query is posted in 1215 words with APA References.