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    Human Resource Practice and Influencing Factors

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    What the future for human resource practice and the factors you believe will have the most influence on the future of HR. Why do you think these are more influential than other issues? What should organizations do to prepare for the future?

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    Changes in the business environment will have the most impact on the future of HR. Each element of the business environment will have a strong impact on HR. In future there will be instabilities in the economy, there will be a buyers' market, the employees will have multiple skills, there will be knowledge workers, the employers will be more efficiency oriented, the government will be employer friendly, technology will be high cost/specialized and labor-less, the society will be assertive ,and have short term expectations.

    Step 2
    Environmental factors have been selected because these will have the strongest impact on HRM. The environmental factors will change the role of HR in future. Competition will ensure that HR provides competitive advantage by building teams, training employees, developing managers, building a strong organization, and developing leaders. These environmental factors will increase the demand for talent and the HR has to fight to get the best talent for the company. Societal changes in future will compel the HR to recruit through employment branding, nurturing relationships, and realistic job previews. For example, the brand equity of a firm will go a long way in ensuring that the best candidates are attracted and recruited. Changes in the employers will ensure that HR delivers value through leadership development, succession planning, and merger integration. I have selected the environmental factors because these will compel HR to outsource HR services (Fitz-Enz.J, 2010), Outsourcing will get the company cost reduction, ensure focus, and help acheive compliance. The external environment will have an impact on the internal environment. In future the HR will be required to improve ...

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