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Compensation and Salaries

Please help me answer the following questions:

In your organization:

-What factors influence the calculation of base salaries?

-How is the Human Resources department involved in salary determinations?

-Do you notice any issues related to perceptions of equity regarding base salaries or how they are determined, particularly?

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The compensation model differs between each organization aiming towards increasing their consumer market share based on their targeted industry. Let's take a look at the different influences in association with compensation and position equity with the business enterprise.

-What factors influence the calculation of base salaries?

The main influence in calculating the base salaries are based on current market value for the open position that constitutes a set salary range. For instance, the current need for IT Management and programmers are in greater demand for a data entry ...

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The factors which influence the calculations of base salaries are determined. Human resources department involved in salary determinations are given.