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    Effective Change for Stakeholders Expectations

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    Discuss how leaders identify and formulate effective change to address stakeholder expectations.

    Analyze how organizations need to improve with respect to employee and customer responsiveness to meet objectives.

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    According to RasGas magazine (2010) research identifies five key practices of effective leadership, whether to be to implement effective change or address stakeholder expectations. According to this site, effective leaders model desired behavior; they live their organization's values and exemplify the practices they expect from their colleagues; by doing as they want others to do, leaders make clear what they value-demonstrating to colleagues which course to pursue when making choices; in addition, effective leaders unite colleagues through a common vision; they ensure that stakeholders understand the organization's goals, mission, vision and priorities-and each individual's value in making these a reality; effective leaders inspire commitment.

    According to RasGas magazine (2010) effective leaders challenge existing processes; they are not complacent. According to this site, they envisage the future and work with colleagues to make this a reality; they find creative ways to use and acquire resources-particularly human resources - to bring about innovation; ...

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    Effective change for stakeholders expectations are examined.